What do you stand for?
What makes you raise your fist?
Does it impact lives of others or does it make you flee?

Mars Star, Gift of Exceptional Courage
If you have it
You chose to stand up and fight for the ones who can’t
And if you don’t use it for good cause
It will make you run and hide

Use your courage for a good cause
Defend the underdog
Or cowardness becomes you and you become the underdog

Courage is to be used and if not channelled just right
It will reverse its force on you and bite you hard

If you don’t have a cause
If you don’t fight for something just
You may go through the whimpy stage
You may fall into anger and rage

Warriors/Priestesses have this gift
It’s chosen you and you chose it

Do you have this mark?
Will you raise your fist for the cause that needs your voice?
Or …?

These times call for Priestesses and Warriors
Would you like to know if you have this gift?

“Must solve complex problems” – this one marking on my hand says.
My mind needs big, complex problems to solve.
I didn’t step into big enough challenges in my work

And this energy had to go somewhere, so created big problems!

What are you creating?
Are you using your gifts to help you or drain you?
Let your hands show you what and how…