Do you use your POWER?
Or do you hide behind “I can’t” a lot?

yes we all have power, we are all powerful

and for some of us it’s our PURPOSE or LESSON
either way we live fuller when we know it

I used say “I can kick really high” and I did
never kicked to hurt someone
except it was hurting me
I never knew what it meant

my kick is high and forceful
it was blind expression of my power
I marked my power with this kick
my body needed to express that surges through me

yet, I walked through life making room for others
to live into their power
granting power to others
denying it from myself

If it’s you
You are here to lead
yes you can say “no”, this is “too much”, “I am too small”
“Let me help somebody else get that role”

and then you fuss, you resent, you kick and scream
because it wasn’t really about them
it was you who needs to rule

You see the vision and you doubt its value
focus on small details
when you can see so much more

You yearn to be powerful, to let that force surge through you
You dream of showing how high you can really kick
but you stay small, afraid what it would do

there is another side
where you create realms and
invite others to stand with you

You see the vision and bring it to life
You stand arm to arm with giants because that’s who you truly are

Which side of power rules your life?

If you have POWER in Purpose or Lesson
Make sure you know what to choose
The price can be steep for not living your design

Yes, it is all in your hands
One look at your prints, I can tell you how you live
And what to choose instead.