Go Stop
Go Stop
Go Stop

Does this sound like your speed?
Do you hit the pedal and GO!

Get the momentum going
get yourself all revved up
now you got it, now it will work!


How many times have you started that thing?
Hit hard out of the gate
had it all lined up
then it happens again
inevitably you break

And you get so mad at yourself
“Why can’t I just get it right?!”
“Why can’t I sustain the speed?!”

So sick and tired of this go and stop
Go and stop

Your brakes are worn out
And so is your heart and soul

Maybe it shows up in your business
Maybe it shows up in your love life
Maybe it shows everywhere you try to make something work

So much fuel when you first start
“Why, the f–k do I hit the break?”

Solution is right in your hands.

Peek down, flip them over
look at your palms
see the boxes? they look like grids

That’s where the answer is.

Let me show how you stop yourself
And how to never do it again.