How do YOU abandon yourself?

Wear your true colors.
Do you know what they are?

Do you know who you are when you don’t have to hide?

And what happens when you do learn what your true self, truly is
Do you then let everyone see?

If not, then you let other people’s colors show on your face.
That’s the most convenient way to abandon yourself.

I am stepping into who I am truly, fully and completely.
These posts reflect my most passionate work

And few days ago, I left this part of me stay outside the door.
I walked in and checked this part of me, out.

I was angry, anxious, and only half alive.
Nobody knew, it wasn’t their job.

When I got home and painted and danced
I showed up, I exhaled and it all made sense.

I abandoned myself, didn’t trust they could accept the light
and that there was room for me to show up
So I left the brightest part of me, outside.

My hands showed my my true colors, they showed me who I refused to be for years
Once I knew I couldn’t go back.
I will never go back to that darkness again.

And it is journey, I can still take a minor step back, that’s how I abandoned myself.

And thanks to the Life Lesson I learned from my hands
I know that trusting myself and showing up will always be a challenge
Life Lesson does that, it’s here to keep me in check

But now I know how it looks, I have compassion for myself
And I know what to choose next time it shows up and blocks my light.

HOW do YOU abandon yourself?
The answer is in your hands.