Who do you love dear?
Who loves you back?

Your heart line in your hands
shows all the ways
you love and how you
need to be loved back

If you breath, you know love
And you probably have been hurt

Sometimes this hurt keeps us from loving
Sometimes it makes us love deeper

Sometimes we give all the love to others
And keep very little to ourselves

Sometimes (most of the time) we don’t even know
How we need to be loved back

My heart line showed me all the ways
My heart has been broken over the years
And in so many ways

I loved to much and wasn’t loved back
I asked for things I couldn’t have
I shared my heart and it was crushed

And not all by romantic love
Many of these heartbreaks
Happened by dreams unlived

I cried for days when I heard all that
And then I began to heal

I am still healing, crying while I write this post
But my love can be deeper now
And I know what I need to ask for and how,
So my heart can crack open
Over and over again

I know my dreams cannot go unspoken for
I must live my soul’s vision
Or die with broken heart

Do you know how you love?
Do you know how you need to be loved back?
It’s in your hands
Your heart line holds the answer
Do you want to know?