Are you holding your lips tight?
There are things you know are true but you don’t dare say them?

You may be outspoken and always speak your mind
And somewhere deep down in your soul
There is a voice still dying to come out

It may have been something you saw when you were little
Or maybe something you saw not long ago

Saying it would rock your world, they may not love you anymore

Maybe it’s something you want to say over and over again
Like a message or truth
That would change it all

Maybe you were told to keep it quiet
To not speak at all
Maybe your voice was too loud too honest
Too inconvenient for some

To keep peace, keep love, you decided it wasn’t worth to talk

Maybe eventually you opened your mouth but things
You are saying are what they want to hear
To please them to still keep peace

What if not saying it, is messing up things for you
What if it’s going to soon make you sick?

There is a Life Lesson that has some go MUTE
This Lesson is painful if not learned
But there is much we can do
Once you know it is yours to learn
You can make choices that put your on your Master Path

I have this lesson and learn every day how I have been
holding my words back

I speak more truth these days and still so much goes
but I know that it is my lesson and I know what to choose instead

Do you have GOING MUTE Life Lesson?
Would you like to know? Once you know, life gets easier
Let me check for you.