Has this ever happened to you?

You are putting in the work, aligning with what you want to create. Shifting your mindset, shifting your soul set, shifting your heart set. With energy carefully aligned, you fall asleep with it in your heart.

Something happens; a sign that the thing you are creating is about show up in your world. You get excited. It’s working!

The next day, you wake up, and something opposite happens. Most of the time it works like this with money.

You are breaking through a belief, money shows up {happy dance}… BAM! Your car breaks down; you get a flat.

A long, long time ago I used to believe (I am sure some well-meaning person told me this), that the Universe was testing my commitment, my faith, my decision to shift this belief.

Maybe. And here is a perspective I like these days.

The Universe doesn’t care to test you! The Universe will show you the exact mirror image of your vibration, your subconscious image.

Now, here is a way I like to look at those ‘bad’ things happening, just as I get a taste of my manifestation coming to reality. You know, like getting extra money, and then the car breaks down.

What if that thing that happened is showing you a belief that’s still running the show? Perhaps it’s a chance to look deeper and get a head start before you go for something that really matters to you, such as lifelong purpose, love, prosperity…


You may not think so, as you use all that extra money to pay for fixing your car.

But what if I had this chat with you in six months and you said, “Anna, remember when my car broke down, and I had a chance to dig dipper, see a belief I was blind to? And then we cleared it? Well, my business just hit six figures, I am buying a house, and I sure am glad I cleared that belief. Now I know I can keep expanding, instead of dodging the next breakdown.”

The Universe is not testing you. You are testing you. And that’s a good thing.

~ Anna