Scientific Hand Analysis

You know you are here for a unique reason.
A purpose, nobody but you can fulfill.

You were born with it, it’s time to remember what it is, so you can live it. 

“Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.”

~ Carl Gustav Jung

Your hands tell a beautiful story about who you are, who you came here to be.
Your unique essence.

Shape of each hand, shape of your fingers, markings on each section of the fingers,
tell a story about your character and your strengths.

Length of your fingers,  how they are set, their curve tell as story about what you need and what you deny yourself.

The lines in your palm are a mirror reflection of the neural pathways, the wiring of your brain.

They who how you’ve been living most of your life, what drives your decisions, what motivates your choices.

They show what you need in love and relationships, how you think,
what you deny about yourself and what you need to own.

Fingerprints carry the code to your Soul Purpose, the agreement you made at the soul level to fulfill (be) this lifetime, that only you can be; what you came here to master, what initiations you agreed to experience on this earthly plain, to bring in a unique frequency and serve in a way only you can.

Your hands tell more about who you are, who you came here to be, your greatness and your brilliance, than you have allowed yourself to admit.

You are as unique as a fingerprint. It’s time to acknowledge who you are.

Using the repeatable, demonstrable and teachable system of the Scientific Hand Analysis, you will discover:


  • Your Life Lesson: Your Blind Spot. The series of initiations you agreed to grow through, that will uncover your unique path to your purpose.
  • Your Life School: Spiritual training camp. All humans fall into anywhere between 1-4 of the schools. Knowing which ones you agreed to be in, gives you access to knowing what humanity needs through you right now.
  • Your Life Purpose: Your essence you were born with. You knew it and deep within you still do. Life has given you opportunities to discount it, diminish it, stuff it, cover it up. Once confirmed and activated, you will never be able to ignore it. You will begin to recognize all the ways you tried to forget, and begin to move towards full self expression.
  • Extra Potential Gift Markings: Extra manifesting mojo. These are gifts that are asking you to pay attention to them. They are clues to how you can open to receive right now.

Imagine knowing without a doubt what you are here for and where to put your energy.
How to have more satisfaction in your business, career. Contribute your gifts in the a way that only you can.

Imagine being able to identify what challenges are the opportunities to transform, and which ones are just bumpers,
showing you, that you stepped away from your purpose and how to get back on track.

Imagine having the confidence to keep moving forward without a doubt and having your unique reminder of

your “BIG WHY”, right in your hands.

Scientific Hand Analysis can change the trajectory of your life.

It did for me.

It confirmed what I knew deep in my being, but refused to admit.

After the first analysis session I made a choice to move forward to living my life purpose and creating the life

I truly wanted to live. I have not looked back, and now continue to expand my life to include more and more of alignment with my purpose, and my unique design.

My clients say the same.

The clue to your purpose has been in your hands your whole life, you are born with it.
There never has been a time when you didn’t have a purpose. 
And it is not going away.

Your hands truly are your personal map to who YOU are and who you came here to be.

Your unique essence.

They show you what you have available to you, and what you require to embody your soul purpose.

Your hands confirm what you know, give you permission to stop waiting and start living.
They show you how to free yourself.

Whether you are searching for your purpose, searching for meaning, keep finding yourself in the same situation that challenges you, your hands are the window and the map.

They have the answers you have been looking for.

It is up to you to reach them out, ink them up and have a trained expert (me) show you the map.

How does this work:

  1.      Analysis happens remotely! You don’t have to be in my town or even my country. 
  2.     Once you purchase the analysis by clicking the button at the bottom of this page, we will confirm your mailing            address to mail your print kit, and then send you all the instructions.  We stay in touch with you to make sure you receive the kit, know how to make your prints and how to get them back to us.
  3.    Depending on where you live we either ask you to mail the prints back (we give you stamped envelope) or ask you to scan your prints and email them.
  4.    As soon as we have your prints we will email you a link to schedule your analysis session.
  5.    You will meet with Anna via zoom. Your session will be recorded for you to review it  over and over again. This information is timeless and will keep opening up to you as you expand. 

As our world and humanity undergo the biggest global transformation, as we have more questions than answers, you need an anchor. You need the place to connect to. This place is within you. It’s the still place you were born with. It’s the center of connection with all that is, your purpose. 

I found  mine through reconnecting with who I am, my remembering what I chose at the soul level, my purpose, my lesson, my commitment to be all I came to be, at this time.

Our foundations are crumbling. They couldn’t support the new world we are creating. It’s time you build your new foundation by returning to who you are. Start with booking your Scientific Hand Analysis session.


Secure your session with a $500 investment (going up to $750 January 2022)

“Anna is very skilled at showing more insight based on this “reading”. What to watch out for (when you’re on a student path) and when you feel the best (when on master path). Decision making style, etc. Everything made perfect sense. What I loved about the reading is that it wasn’t about mental headiness. The information is useful regardless what path one follows in terms of family decisions, work decisions, etc.”

Inga Pae Peterson

“I recently received a hand reading from Anna and it blew me away.  I had a hand reading a few years ago and it was informational, but not actionable.  Anna not only let me know what was written in my hand she gave me clear steps to take so I can make the most of what my hands revealed.  She gave me direction.  Plus it is clear that this is a passion of hers which was beautiful to witness.  I highly recommend getting a reading from Anna even if you have had your hands read before.”

Ken Bechtel

She looked at my palms and my fingerprints then asked me one question.
Without hesitation, I painted a picture.

I shared a detailed description of a life I carried deep inside my heart and saw vividly, only in my dreams.

There it was, in my hands.

She pointed to the grooves of my fingerprints and the lines in my palms.
My Life Purpose and all the ways I have been stopping myself from living it, in the palms of my hands.

“Now go do it”, she said after pointing out the next steps.

For years, I hid behind ideas of what my life should look like, what I should be doing, who I should be to win the game of life.
For years I put energy into changing everything, creating new opportunities, successes and “leaving it all behind”, over and over again. There was always something missing.

After my hand analysis reading, I could no longer hide, I was relieved and I was scared.

I had the map. I knew what to do to create the life I have been yearning for, and I knew how I would stop myself.

I won’t lie, it was not like waving the magic wand and all the scary monsters disappeared. I have been on the journey to living my dream life, serving at my highest frequency, moving through trauma, pain and into possibility, joy and creation.

Life is a journey. There is no destination. Having a map helped me move with certainty and courage. I wish the same for you.