Module 1


This Module is the foundation, based on which we will be building.
Without this, no action or strategy will matter.

Set the intention for uncovering something you have burried deep inside your heart.
Be open to this shifting and expanding as we continue our journey together.

Grab a pen, paper and a cup of tea. Let’s dive in!

Click here to accesss the module.(mp3)

Print the accountability sheet.
Accountability Tracking Sheet (click to download).

Track it daily, give yourself 1 credit completing each step, daily. Total each day, then total the week.
Please scan or take a pic, send this completed sheet to me on Mondays.
This tracking will help you stay accountable.
The clients who take it on and choose to do it, and send it on, are the ones who create most astounding results in our work.

I keep my own tracking sheet on my desk and fill it out by hand. There is a sense of accomplishment,
and trust that you are somebody who fulfills on the commitment you make
to yourself, for yourself. It increases your self-worth and solidifies your new identity.

Write 3 things you are a stand for in your life.  Three things/ideas/perspective that are most important to you. It can be a word or a sentence.
For example mine are:
1. Everyone is alive for a very specific reason, each one of us has a unique purpose. I honor each being as unique, whole and complete.
2. Inregrity means I am true to my heart and soul. I honor my word and I take couragous stand for greatness.
3. I choose to follow my inner knowing, and come from love, no matter what.
4.Where my attention goes, energy flows. I show what I value by giving it my time and energy.


1. Purpose
2. Intergrity
3. Love
4. Attention to what matters

10 years ago when I started on this path full hearteldy I took on “passion, fun and to be #1”
I had no idea what it meant, but it showed up in my Scientific Hand Analysis as a part of my soul expression.
I still use these as a filter for what I say yes to.

Look at your life, what stands out, what has mattered to you, what have you chosen in your life in the past that meant something to you, what have you not chosen and had a feeling about it, regret, sadness, pain, that had you know it mattered to you.


Please send me the results of both the exercise in the recording and the bonus exercise.